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William Cochran Class Austin Texas May 13th thru May 21st 2012.

It’s on!
Save on flights and hotels by having  the William Cochran class in Austin.

The level 1 CORE class will be on Sun 13th thru Wed 16th of May.

The level 2 COLOR/ Still Life class will be on Fri 18th, thru Mon 21st, level one is a prerequisite for level 2.

For a description of the class click on the link below.


The cost for each 4 day class per student is $1,498.00. 

Lunch is provided.

All supplies used in class are included (except brushes).  The following 7 brushes are needed for Level 1 and 2.   You may even have them all.

1 - #4 Flat brush Princeton Best or 
1 - #6 Flat Brush Princeton Best
1- #2 Filbert brush — Winsor Newton
1 -#4 Filbert brush — Winsor Newton
1 - #6 Filbert brush — Winsor Newton
1 #8 or 10 Filbert brush — Winsor Newton

Location: Austin Texas. 

50% deposit ($749.00) required.  Deadline for registering is March 1st 2012.   If you have made a decision either way about the level 1 or the level 2 class please let me know.  It will help William and I with the planning.

If you have any questions or wish to register please email me at Catherine@AstonishingSurroundings.com or call me at 914 320 6239